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What we do
AusID Global assists overseas academic visitors and international students to understand how personality traits affect us in life, at work and in a learning environment. We do this by inviting members of the local indigenous community to talk about their culture, and in particular, their historical use of animal totems. We then  help students to uncover their animal totem and what it means to be a Dolphin, Eagle, Kangaroo or Wombat.
It provides both students and teachers with greater self-awareness, teaching fundamental life skills from the perspective of our own innate personalities. AusID Global offers new ways to build rapport, and strategies to integrate into the Australian culture and lifestyle more effectively.
These strategies, along with additional insights into how to communicate more effectively and better understand others, delivers increased confidence and self-esteem which ultimately helps to reduce things like  disengagement and depression that can arise among  international students when studying abroad.
International training programs

AusID Global International training programs provide students with the opportunity to learn how to more effectively engage with others based on their personality profile, thereby improving the quality of their relationships at work, at home and in the classroom.

Also, an understanding of the different communication styles can assist students with immersion into the Australian culture as they understand how they can better integrate into their new community, which in turn can result in better relationships with their host families, their teachers and their new friends.


We look forward to working with you and your group to provide an innovative and unique Australian program that helps improve overall performance and outcomes by identifying how personality works in the classroom, offering real-world suggestions for improved study habits.

AusID Global also helps students realise improved confidence and emotional and mental well-being, by demonstrating how the causes of and our reactions to stressful situations are not the same for everyone, and that with increased self-knowledge we are better placed to cope during tough times.

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