‘The AusID Global App’

  •  An easy to understand model of personality that gives you insights into human behaviour, offering explanations for why people behave the way they do.
  • AusID Global links personality to the characteristics of some well-known Australian animals to help improve self-awareness, and to create a more inclusive and harmonious approach to work, life and learning.
  • This AusID Global app represents a scaled down version of our full program, but still offers the same powerful insights into who we are, and how we interact with others in a variety of different settings.
  • AusID Global specifically targets three groups, each at different developmental stages. These are: 8-12 years old, 13-17 years old, and 18+.

What does this app include?

  • Three sets of 20 simple questions with no right or wrong answers, only your answers
  • Useful information on how these four personality types communicate with each other and interact, what they need in the classroom and in the workplace.
  • Explanations of how personality influences patterns of behaviour in people when stressed, choosing a career, studying, being a teenager, and even parenting.
  • A list of famous characters for each of the types, both real and fictional.