‘Who’s Who?’                 

‘Who’s Who?’ contains a wealth of information regarding Temperament theory and how it affects us throughout all of the major areas and stages of our lives. Discover if you are a Wombat, a Dolphin, a Kangaroo or an Eagle, and then find out what this means in terms of how you live your life. Touching upon subjects such as; Growing Up, Parenting, Career, Relationships and Spirituality, it provides the reader with an in-depth  understanding of what makes a person tick, and how each of the four animal types experiences the world in their own unique way. Whether you are a parent that is keen to understand more about how your child views the world, or a teacher or business leader who has the task of managing a number of different personalities, or even if you just want to understand yourself a little better, this book has something for you. (Click on the pages below for a closer look).



‘Who’s Who in the Classroom’

This book has been created especially for teachers and parents who are interested in understanding how different personality types learn best in the classroom. There is a section of how to identify the personality of your child or student, and then an in depth look at ways to maximise their learning potential. With sections on behaviour management,  managing adolescence, communication, and an insightful view into how the different types of teachers approach the teaching process, this book can revolutionise the way we educate our kids. Based on many years of study into personality theory, including the effects of personality on the learning process, this book is a must for anyone who is serious about educating children in a healthy way. (Click on the pages below for a closer look).