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Yes. Dr. David Keirsey used personality type in schools for over 30 years and discovered many previously unknown facts about type and education. Certain types tend to do better, and certain types tend to do worse, as a broad generalisation. One of the biggest indicators of a student’s success though, was whether their type matched that of the teacher. If it did, the likelihood of success in that class went up considerably.

Yes. After nearly 20 years of introducing type to schools, and typing over 20,000 teachers, we have discovered nearly 70 % of teachers are Wombats. This result also matched the results they found in the USA.

Yes. After typing more than 30,000 students, including more than 1,000 students at risk of disengaging from education, we have discovered around 90% of the students at risk are in fact Kangaroos. This result also matches very closely the numbers that come out of the USA.

Yes, or at least it would appear so. It the study conducted by Marisa Crawford and Graham Rossiter (Reasons for Living – 2006 – Australian Council for Educational Research), 3 significant factors that contributed to healthy self-esteem and engagement are: Meaning, Identity and Spirituality. AusID was named such because it clearly addresses Identity, and to a degree, Meaning (purpose and direction).

Yes. The Queensland Association of State School Principals (QASSP), The Queensland Education Leadership Institute (QELI), The Department of Employment and Training (DET), Indigenous Education Leadership Institute (Stronger Smarter), Catholic Education, University of Central Queensland, University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland Education, Scripture Union, Salvation Army, Foster Care Association of Australia and TAFE have all used and embraced the AusIDentities program.

No. We can teach the basic concepts to students as young as 7 or 8 in around 2 hours. We also run half-day and full-day training programs for teachers, who are then able to use the program in their classrooms.