Our Story

AusID Global is a joint venture between AusIDentities, Banora International Group and Debbie Marshall Consulting, who together sought to develop a program that was suitable for use with the international student market. The original program was the brain-child of Michael White, who first had the idea of creating such a model back in 2005 while working with students who had become disengaged from school. The positive transformation in the lives of these young people clearly demonstrated the need for  such an approach, and now we are taking the next step towards bringing our model to the world.
AusID Global is a uniquely Australian approach to personality profiling that is fun, effective and easy to apply in all areas of our lives, and is particularly helpful for high-school students looking to make important decisions about their future. The AusID Global program helps us to identify our innate strengths, which in turns leads to better career choices and improved levels of employability. Greater confidence and the ability to better understand and repect others are just some of the other benefits.
How Does the program Work?
Students complete a short, online questionnaire via our website or the AusID Global app.
It consists of a series of 20 questions which have no right or wrong answers only individual repsonses.
Once completed, the student will then be matched to one of four Australian animals, which will then becomes their special Animal IDentity.
They will also be provided with an explanation of their strengths, behavioural traits, and the traits of the people around them. Initially the explanation will be offered in English, but can also be provided in your host languages.

Learning about the innate behaviours of their Animal IDentity assists the student to build greater awareness and understanding of themselves in relation to work, life and learning. It also assists their teachers to understand the individual’s values and deeper needs when considering future study options or choice of career.

The AusID Global Program

The aim of the original program was to help kids stay in school and build greater resilience.

This was achieved by improving the relationship with their teachers and fellow students, growing their confidence through understanding their strengths and learning styles, ultimately maximising their opportunity for success.

It is also widely understood that a positive self-identity can also be a major contributing factor towards the mental and emotional well-being of our young people.

The AusID Global program helps students to understand that it is ok to not fit into the standardised model that society encourages, hugely important given that one in three high school students are predicted to experience mental health issues going forwards.

The program teaches us how to manage stressful situations according to our personality type, how to adopt the best study skills for our type, improve communication allowing us to build friendships, create better relationships with their parents, identify career paths, reduce bullying through the development of greater resilience, and generally how to view ourselves in a more positive light. A lot of the information included in the program helps to promote mental and emotional well-being, which has an obvious positive flow-on effect with students and their studies.

“Becoming an Australian animal was a lot of fun. The Australian animal that my personality matched with was very accurate and helped me to appreciate my personality traits. I used to think that being sensitive was a negative part of my personality, but after learning more about my personality trait I now understand that it is a positive part of my personality.”


Mirai Kondo(コロンビア), Japan

To date, the program has been introduced in over 350 schools in Australia and showcased directly to over 30,000 students.

A further 20,000 adults, 90% of which are teachers, have been trained in how to use the program so they can teach it to their own students.

As a result, the total number of students exposed to AusID Global is probably well in excess of over 100,000.

It is our belief this program can greatly benefit overseas students coming to Australia on a number levels, mental and emotional.

Excursion groups

As an activity prior to coming to Australia, students can log in and complete the age appropriate quiz on the AusID Global app. This provides them with a taste of what their animal identity means, and gives them the opportunity to share this infomation with friends.

Study Tours

The completion of the App prior to coming to Australia, combined with our training program on how this knowledge, can help students in their studies and future careers. This knowledge can be extended by access to a selection of images which become interactive through the use of an app, so the animals actually speak for themselves.