Book – ‘Who’s Who’ – A Guide to the Four Animal Types


‘Who’s Who?’

‘Who’s Who?’ contains a wealth of information regarding Temperament theory and how it affects us throughout all of the major areas and stages of our lives. Discover if you are a Wombat, a Dolphin, a Kangaroo or an Eagle, and then find out what this means in terms of how you live your life. Touching upon subjects such as; Growing Up, Parenting, Career, Relationships and Spirituality, it provides the reader with an in-depth  understanding of what makes a person tick, and how each of the four animal types experiences the world in their own unique way. Whether you are a parent that is keen to understand more about how your child views the world, or a teacher or business leader who has the task of managing a number of different personalities, or even if you just want to understand yourself a little better, this book has something for you.



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