“Becoming an Australian animal was a lot of fun. The Australian animal that my personality matched with was very accurate and helped me to appreciate my personality traits. I used to think that being sensitive was a negative part of my personality, but after learning more about my personality trait I now understand that it is a positive part of my personality”.


Mirai Kondo(コロンビア), Japan

Having done other extensive personality tests previously, I was surprised to see how accurate this test is. Linking your personality to an Australian animal makes it easy to remember and to relate to. It is also fun to discuss the results with others and understand how you are different or similar and how you fit into a team”.


Gaby Thomasz (オランダ), Holland

“I’ve always said that people don’t need or shouldn’t need a routine and we can live without “standards”. However, I am a person who really likes and needs a routine. I didn’t understand this about my personality until I took did the AusIDglobal App. The Australian character that I was matched with was very accurate to my personality and helped me realised behaviours that are a part of my personality I was not aware of.”


私にはなぜそうなのかAusIDglobal を体験するまでわかりませんでした。私のオーストラリアの動物は私の個性にピッタリ合っていましたし、私自身が気が付いていなかった私の個性に気付かせてくれました。

Maria Alejandra Niño (コロンビア), Colombia