Thank you for the unbelievable insight into our souls and for igniting a spark that will hopefully make us question (and perhaps not just accept) things and events that we may have just allowed to seep into our daily lives.

I wish you all the very best in your brilliant approach to this area of people’s lives. –

Firefly Press

We have thoroughly enjoyed seeing and hearing the talk and smiles that our staff are wearing after this weekend.  The general feeling is that they feel extremely valued – the quality of the presenter and the quality of their learning all has contributed to making them feel very spoiled.  To have this has been described by one of our wombats as a gift!  Lovely to hear.

We can’t thank you enough!

Heidi Dallimore , Principal Sunbury SS

Since the program, the team’s cohesiveness has increased dramatically, and there is a totally new level of trust and understanding underpinning day-to-day activities. These have all impacted positively on both productivity and team dynamics, resulting in a happier, more aligned and effective team.


Mark Tolley, Sales & Marketing Director, Reed Property Group

Michael shared his extensive knowledge of people and personality types with practical examples and sufficient theory to thoroughly engage and entertain the group. Michael developed an easy rapport with the group through his friendly and approachable manner…

Gail Russell – Registrar, Chancellor College

Michael White…engaged nearly fifty people for the three sessions with a vibrant personality, good power point presentation, interesting historical facts and an amazing insight into personalities and how they influence the way we see the world and respond.

It allowed people to explore their own personality type, understand where their colleagues are at and realize ways of working more effectively, independently as well as cooperatively.

Nambour Business Group

I found AusIDentities insights and suggestions incredibly helpful. It gave me a better awareness of my work preferences and interactions with people. Just as importantly it gave me some insights into how other people on the team are likely to perceive things. I’ve started taking a few minutes to think through what I’ve learnt before any meetings and I’m seeing the benefits. It goes beyond listening and empathy by having a framework within which to navigate styles of communication and ways of working. Thanks for the advice and information. It’s a learning curve but one that is paying off for me. I also love that you’re doing great work helping other people.

Christine Parfitt ­ | Workflow Design and Process Automation | Ironwater Pty Ltd

Having done other extensive personality tests previously, I was surprised to see how accurate this test is. Linking your personality to an Australian animal makes it easy to remember and to relate to. It is also fun to discuss the results with others and understand how you are different or similar and how you fit into a team”.


Gaby Thomasz (オランダ), Holland

“I’ve always said that people don’t need or shouldn’t need a routine and we can live without “standards”. However, I am a person who really likes and needs a routine. I didn’t understand this about my personality until I took did the AusIDglobal App. The Australian character that I was matched with was very accurate to my personality and helped me realised behaviours that are a part of my personality I was not aware of.”


私にはなぜそうなのかAusIDglobal を体験するまでわかりませんでした。私のオーストラリアの動物は私の個性にピッタリ合っていましたし、私自身が気が付いていなかった私の個性に気付かせてくれました。

Maria Alejandra Niño (コロンビア), Colombia

“As part of the grow coastal accelerator programme, we were presented with a smorgasbord of information and presenters. As with any smorgasbord, there are selections I loved and others not so much. Michaels presentations were the lobster tails I filled my plate with. His energy and passion for the subject was simply infectious. Both his presentations were filled with juicy details about personality types that I found very beneficial in improving my interpersonal relationships, in and out of business. I would recommend Michael and Ausidenties to any business owner looking to hire and retain the right people for the right job”

Nick Grivas | The Whole Food Artisan

Michael spent two wonderful hours with our staff team helping us to investigate our personality types, and how this information can be used by us to support our work with others.

Our staff found Michael to be an engaging, challenging and humorous presenter who quickly developed an excellent rapport with the group. The team greatly enjoyed their time with Michael and were talking about the session for days afterwards. Staff regularly now make mention of different things that they learnt about themselves- and their colleagues.

Gary Austen - School Principal

AusID provided us with the awareness of different personalities within our company and the tools we need moving forward to use each team members personality to our companies advantage. We highly recommend using AusID in any business.

Sharlene Kelly , Boneafide Broth Co

AusID not only taught me about ‘me’ and how my mind ticks, how I react to people and information I receive, and then how I respond to them.

It also taught me how to integrate these ‘discoverings’ into my business and help me to become a better business person.

Since speaking with the wonderful and ever attentive Michael a little over 12 months ago, I have seen the change in me and how that reflects positively in my business.

Ange Jones, Founder of Sow Grow Eat

Comments from other participants

“Michael’s session was enlightening, life-changing really.”
“I now understand more about myself and others, why we sometimes do the things we do.”
“Just amazing – I had never really thought about it before, but now I see wombats everywhere!”
“I’ve just realised why I’m feeling a bit “off” – I didn’t know I had needs, let alone be able to fill them. It’s like the fog has lifted.”